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Office Document Storage and Digital Archiving

Tri-State Archives continue to grow as organizations realize the rewards of utilizing a skilled office document storage firm to protect their organizations’ documents from fire, flooding or theft. In addition, Tri-State Archives ensures your data does not fall into the wrong hands and that your records are not accessible to any individual who are not authorized in your workplace. Most firms have a tendency to have their documents in unsecured filing cabinets where any individual can view them and this can become a serious violation of the Data Protection Act. Based on the nature of the details stored in the documents, dissatisfied staff, outside contractors and even consumers who may have access to your offices can be a threat to you organization. The sooner your paper and file based documents fine a safe storage space the better.

Environmentally Friendly Shredding Services

When you are searching for the best and safest document shredding firm, there are a few things that you are going to want to look out for. To start with, you will want to make certain that the document destruction firm you decide to use is environmentally accountable. This may possibly seem like an odd aspect to take into account at first, but the more you think about it, the more you start to understand the staggering amount of paper document these companies shred each day. If the paper is not recycled, the environment will suffer as a consequence. It is really our job to keep our environment clean in our cities and in our country. You also want to work with a firm that takes environment responsibility seriously.