Security is our Priority

Tri-State Archives, Ltd takes seriously our responsibility to every aspect of securing your office documents. We hope the information that follows is helpful in understanding our facility and security system.

The TSA Records Center is an over one-half million cubic ft facility that is locally owned and operated in a professional business park just east of Philadelphia, PA. We have been servicing the tri-state area for almost 15 years. Our staff is bonded and insured with confidentiality agreements on file. TSA is a State Approved Vendor for Storing and Certified Destruction of secure government documents. Besides government entities, our clients also include, insurance companies, banks, investment companies, law offices, title companies, mortgage companies, doctors, clinics, and other assorted business types. TSA was ahead of it’s time and operated a secure document management program that exceeded HIPAA’s requirements prior to the enactment of the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996 (August 21), Public Law 104 191, and needed to make no changes in security procedures to comply.

Our Records Center Complex was built in the 1970’s and meets the engineering classification of “Masonry Non-Combustible.” The facility is constructed of masonry exterior walls, interior firewalls, concrete floors, steal and concrete upper floors, and an interior steel-lined roof. Ongoing maintenance is provided and a total new roof was professionally installed in 1996. Our Records Center floor is 42″ above ground level and our complex is approximately 71 feet above sea-level and recedes rapidly for excellent drainage making flooding almost impossible.

Your documents are stored in our buildings with an electronic intrusion and motion detection system including central station back up that monitors our buildings 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This system notifies our central station which immediately contacts the Local Police or Fire Department, and TSA’s local night-duty manager if the system detects any inconsistency. Our buildings includes physical barriers to hamper the progress of any possible intruder with motion detection lighting and battery back-up emergency lighting aiding the authorities when they arrive. The State Police, Fire Department, and City Police Department are all located within 1/4 mile of our business park enabling a quick response if necessary. The buildings are complete with a zoned fire suppression system, onsite fire hydrants and custom designed fire pump, smoke detectors, and regularly inspected fire extinguishers. “Firesafe” drawer storage is also available for an additional cost. The fire detection and suppression systems are regularly inspected and meet all requirements of the National Fire Protection Association Standards. We meet regularly with our local Fire Marshal who keeps us apprised of the latest fire prevention systems and practices that are most appropriate for our facility. When considering our buildings’s construction, the extensive fire and security systems, and location to municipal authorities, your documents may be safer at TSA than in most offices or any other storage location in the tri-state area.

As recommended by our Licensed Professional Engineer, and with the cooperation of the Fire Marshal’s Office, we have installed a new all-steel catwalk storage systems that utilizes the“Punch-Deck” flow through decking. The “Punch-Deck” design is the newest state-of-the-art design in decking which maximizes the effectiveness of the fire suppression system and is now most preferred by Buildings Inspectors, Fire Marshals, and Insurance Companies alike.

To manage your documents we use O`Neil’s RSSQL Records Management Software to barcode and facilitate the tracking of cartons or each individual file that comes in and out of our facility by the most secure “Dynamic Storage Method.” The O`Neil System was created specifically for the document storage industry and is the worlds most widely used and accurate document storage software available which allows TSA to offer our clients a Correct and On-time or it’s FREE Guarantee for document deliveries. O’Neil’s RSSQL software ensures prompt and accurate file management. To date, Tri-State Archives has never been unable to find a carton entrusted to us to fulfill a client’s request.

Tri-State Archives, Ltd. Is a State Approved Vendor to perform “Certified Destruction” and has many government, business, banking, and medical clients that dependant on TSA’s security program that provides you a Notarized “Certificate of Destruction” for your protection. TSA’s staff is directly involved with every aspect of Certified Destruction from accessing of documents from within our Records Center or picking up your documents from Your Offices, to the final shedding and/or pulping of each item. TSA never relinquishes control of your secure documents to any other party. If you can trust TSA to store your documents … you can trust us to Destroy them. TSA offers the proprietary “On-Site” Destruction Container Program for the safe retention and Certified Destruction of your office records. Ask your TSA representative for information about this cost effective and convenient program.

I hope this information will satisfy any concerns you may have about the security of for your documents. If you need any additional information, please find us at or call me at 1-800-229-0016.

David L. Wheeler
General Manager