Why choose TRI-STATE Archives Office Document Storage and Desctruction Specialists

The business of records and information storage and management continues to become increasingly complex as new technologies emerge, real estate becomes more expensive, government requirements become more demanding,  and companies change the way they do business. That’s why it’s important to consider all new and alternative ways to manage your company’s information.

Records and information management partners 
can help you improve your service, comply with the ever changing government requirements, while usually substantially lowering your costs. Tri-State Archives specializes in information management consulting, and will work with you to design a program that meets your needs and allows you to manage your business records and information more efficiently and effectively.

Tri-State Archives will help you prepare your office documents and records for storage, barcode them for instantaneous, error free identification, deliver them to our records center, maintain them with care, deliver those you need on the same day, or sooner if necessary,  and properly destroy them when you desire.  We can store your inactive files for a fraction of what it’s now costing you.  Through our computerized barcode system, you can be assured of rapid and accurate retrieval and delivery of your records

Tri-State Archives is located in Bellmawr, professionally servicing the in Philadelphia, South New Jersey and Northern Delaware. Tri-State Archives also a trusted provider for all of your confidential document shredding needs