TRI-STATE @rchives Document Shredding

If your documents contain sensitive information, proper “Certified Document Destruction” is necessary to protect your client and your business. Your reputation is on the line. All forms of Certified Document Destruction are not equal.

The equipment and time to shred in your office may not be cost effective. On-site Shredding Services can be very expensive and they need to open your cartons. Recyclers or Recycler/Shredding services usually have their employees sort through your files to separate the best paper, before recycling, to increase their revenues.

TRI-STATE @rchives’┬ábonded drivers deliver your cartons intact to the grinder and witness the transformation of your cartons and their contents into a slurry “oatmeal” like mixture, later made into other products. After the process is completed, you receive a “Certificate of Certified Destruction”. (To view an example, see below.)

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